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“The Development of the Internet Changed the Way Our World Works, Now it’s Changing Again…”

The Internet of Things (IoT) will create a world in which physical objects or “things” that are part of our everyday lives communicate securely with each other to anticipate and recognise our behaviour, sense our environment to respond on our behalf and allow us to interact with them in ways previously not possible.

This connected world will provide new opportunities for your business, changing the way your customers interact with your products. NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy are key enablers of the IoT.

Designing Tomorrow’s Smart Devices for a Connected World

Touché Technology develop smart technology to help you engage with your users. We will design electronics hardware and develop software to your requirements. Our experts will take you through every step of the journey from initial concept to volume manufacture.

We excel at delivering leading edge solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables or Smart Devices based around NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy and other wireless technologies.


At Touché Technology we follow tried and tested methodologies to ensure a successful outcome from development projects. We will help and guide our customers through the process making the development of a new product as simple as possible



We listen closely to your idea(s), keen to explore the possibilities of the initial concept.


A project development plan is created, identifying the timescale required to develop the concept.


Applied industry experience is valuable when conducting in-depth research and development.


Hardware and software applications are developed by skilled engineers to form a reliable product.


Fully managed, rigorous testing ensures both hardware and software perform as intended.


Project completion signifies the evolution of concept to finalised product, ready to market.


Our aim is always to meet or exceed our customers expectations……..

When we decided to include Touché in our products we needed to engage with experts in the technology who had a detailed understanding of how NFC worked. Touché provided expert input to our design process and helped us avoid the inevitable pitfalls, enabling us to deliver a right-first-time silicon design.


Silicon Engineering Toumaz Group

Working with Touché has enabled us to offer much more to our customers than a simple temperature logger. Their expertise in NFC and overall creativity now means we have a complete solution which allows a Chateau to engage directly with their consumers and deliver a product of the highest quality.

Eric Vogt

CEO, eProvenance

We worked closely together with Touché over the last 2-3 years on a safety critical project and relied upon Touché’s deep knowledge in the field of Bluetooth, as well as for general software and electronics capability. Touché have their own network of trusted suppliers that also complement our projects and bring good value to our clients. ConvergePD particularly value Touché’s quality of work, relationship and responsiveness and we hope to have the opportunity to work again on other such specialist projects..

Jon Ben

Director, ConvergePD Limited

Updates & Interesting Stuff

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