Nottingham based Near Field Solutions (now Touché Technology) are no strangers to facing obstacles in developing new products and services. The team are frequently challenged to design innovative solutions and are known as leaders in Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy), IoT, antenna modelling and printed electronics.

Having been approached by Hasbro and Harmonix Music Systems in a collaboration to develop a dynamic, fast-paced music-mixing game called DropMix™, Near Field Solutions quickly put a team together which included Qualcomm Technologies, to solve the card-to-board-to-app communications requirements.

Glenn Needham, director and founder of NFS explained the benefit of the collaboration with Qualcomm. “When we started, we thought the Bluetooth side of things would be much simpler than the NFC part, in the end, the Bluetooth side ended up being very complex and a challenge. We were familiar with Qualcomm’s technology, so approached their Bluetooth Low Energy team to help and within 6 weeks had developed the first prototype and after just 9 months a commercial-ready product.”

The DropMix Music Gaming System includes the DropMix game board and 60 DropMix song cards. Each card activates a part of a song track, and every track blends seamlessly with others to create unique mixes.


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